Employee Wellbeing and Personal Development Workshops and Courses

Resilience Building Workshops Prana Wellbeing

Resilience Building Workshops

Employee wellbeing – Empowering Workshops on topics like Conflict Management, Stress Reduction, Breath Power, Team Synergy and Resilience Building. Our super popular breath workshop is a must try, unique and profoundly effective.

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Mindfulness Talks & Courses Prana Wellbeing

Mindfulness Talks & Courses

Techniques and practices offered in an office environment to re-programme the mind to respond instead of reacting. In the last decade mindfulness programmes have catapulted performance and productivity. We customise a programme aligning to your mission and current focus.

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Development Through Exercise Prana Wellbeing

Development Through Exercise

These weekly sessions defuse tension and anxiety, free capacity and build resilience for sustainable employee wellbeing. Classes include Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation & our popular Desk Rejuvenation – unique 15 minute office workout to optimise brain and body performance.

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Wellness Days Prana Wellbeing

Wellness Days

Our corporate wellness day services include facilitation of any Prana Wellbeing services, as well as Inspirational Speaking, Laughter Medicine/ Exercise & Team Synergy sessions.

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Empowerment Workshops Prana Wellbeing

Empowerment Workshops

Available to public, half day transformational workshops as stepping stones towards personal mastery. Content varies from processing work and resilience building to rejuvenation and meditation. Breath Power is a crash course into empowering breathing techniques and is our most popular workshop.

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Stress & Anxiety Coaching Prana Wellbeing

Stress & Anxiety Coaching

Assisting clients in finding and dealing with the root cause of Stress & Anxiety. Coaching programmes are individualised and can include a mindfulness, breathwork & physical exercise. Our coaching is compassionate, clear and firm.

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What People Say About Prana Wellbeing

“I have been reading on Mindfulness and Cognitive behavioural therapy and I found your session very informative. Being in a live session is way better than watching a video on YouTube. This was the shortest hour of my life!”

Mindfulness Matters Workshop

– Siyabonga Buthelezi, FNB Accountant, Fairlands

“I thoroughly enjoyed your refreshing session and see that it will help with de-stressing, staying centred, calm and productive.”

Breath Workshop

– Bharti Daya, Director of Research and Planning, DTI

“Attending this kind of workshop regularly helps one reach a state of actual spiritual, mental and emotional well-being.”

Motivational Workshop

– Thero Ntsoanne, Wellness Coordinator, DTI
Prana Wellbeing Community

One Solution Community Service

We Love Giving Back to the Community

20% of our profits go to facilitate stress reduction
and empowerment workshops to NPO's employees.
These people give a lot to society and deserve the best.
The elation and appreciation we feel from imparting work/life
balance practices to them goes beyond words.