Employee Wellbeing

Resilience Building Workshop

Employee wellbeing – Empowering Workshops on topics like Conflict Management, Stress Reduction, Breath Power, Team Synergy and Resilience Building. Our super popular breath workshop is a must try, unique and profoundly effective.

Mindfulness Talks & Courses

Techniques and practices offered in an office environment to re-programme the mind to respond instead of reacting. In the last decade mindfulness programmes have catapulted performance and productivity. We customise a programme aligning to your mission and current focus.

Development Through Exercise

These weekly sessions defuse tension and anxiety, free capacity and build resilience for sustainable employee wellbeing. Classes include Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation & our popular Desk Rejuvenation.

Desk Rejuvenation – original exercise design for stress management, as well as to increase cognitive and creative ability, delivered at the workstation. Our unique 15 minute office workout that optimises brain and body performance.

Wellness Days

Our corporate wellness day services include facilitation of any Prana Wellbeing services, as well as Inspirational Speaking, Laughter Medicine/Exercise & Team Synergy sessions.

Personal Development

Empowerment Workshops

Available to public, half day transformational workshops as stepping stones towards personal mastery. Content varies from processing work and resilience building to rejuvenation and meditation.

Breath Power Workshop – available to the public, half day crash course in empowering breathing techniques. Unique set of practices to release stress and anxiety, build physical and mental capacity as well as replenish and rejuvenate. Original life transforming material.

Breath Coaching 

One-on-One breathing exercise sessions to address breathing issues to anxiety to exercise and work performance boost.

Stress & Anxiety Coaching

Assisting clients in finding and dealing with the root cause of Stress & Anxiety. Coaching programmes are individualised and can include a mindfulness, breathwork & physical exercise. Our coaching is compassionate, clear and firm.